Canadian production team House3 of Commons just dropped the first single from LASA6NA, an upcoming collaboration album featuring some of Toronto’s hottest rising rappers.

“Wizard in the Kitchen” featuring Blockboi Twitch is a first glimpse into what’s to come from the team of artists. Over a propulsive drill beat laced with synths, bass rumbles, and gunshots, Twitch spits rapid-fire bars about grinding his way through the streets and his Heisenberg-esque work ethic.

“I’m a versatile artist, so for the Hous3 of Commons LASA6NA project, I had to give em bars along with melodic flows, they knew which beats could bring that out and come prepared to record a banger,” Twitch says in a statement.

The compilation album is set to drop this March with House3 of Commons being billed as the main artist. The album will boast features from DuvyPortion, LB Spiffy, Blockboi Twitch, 2kz, Hoodbaby Peppa, Munna Cash, John C, and other popular Canadian artists. Similar to the Italian dish the album is named after, many layers and ingredients are coming together in preparation of its release.

Check out the video for “Wizard in the Kitchen” above, and watch a trailer for the Duvy track from the project below.

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