H.E.R. Celebrates Her Journey with New Single, "We Made It"

On H.E.R.'s latest single, “We Made It,” the singer decided to recognize how far she’s come after creating a historic career at just 23-years-old.

H.E.R. — "We Made It"

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H.E.R. — "We Made It"

H.E.R. has put together a historic career at just 23-years-old. Normally, her mysterious aesthetic allows her to shy away from compliments and acknowledgment. But on her latest single, “We Made It,” H.E.R. decided to recognize how far she’s come. 

In the song that released on Friday, H.E.R. takes listeners down memory lane. She sings about the “long ride” she had to took to become the superstar she is today and how grateful she is to have achieved her goals despite the turbulent journey.

“Running red lights and following the signs/It’s been a long ride/And I just can’t believe/Can’t believe, we made it,” she sings. “We made it/Celebrated for the one time/No matter where this all goes, I’mma always be on mines.”

“We Made It” is a perfect accumulation of H.E.R.’s career to this point. The Bay Area native’s resume is decorated with accolades including multiple Grammy awards and an Oscar. 

“We Made It” will appear on H.E.R.’s upcoming album, Back of My Mind, which will drop on June 18. The track follows another one of the album’s singles—a sultry duet with Chris Brown called, “Come Through.”

Listen to “We Made It” below.



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