Dagenham-hailing rapper Hakkz is back with his debut EP, Diary Of A Litty Kid.

Featuring skippy flows, catchy hooks and witty punchlines, the 7-tracker is guaranteed to have you moving. Filled to the brim with humour and fly-boy flexin’, we also get to know more about some of the challenges Hakkz faced growing up, giving us a holistic picture of the 20-year-old’s life. 

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018, with singles like “Nobu” and “Hypnotized”, Hakkz has made a name for himself by combining genres such as Afrobeats and dancehall with UK rap to produce a sound that is unique to him, while showing that he can sing just as good as he can rhyme. 

“All gas no brakes this year,” Hakkz said in an Instagram post. “[It’s] only right I drop this body of work just before summer kicks off. This EP is like a diary of experiences, so when you listen to it, you’re stepping into my world.”

Diary Of A Litty Kid is further proof of Hakkz’s potential and something tells us he’ll be around for a good while to come. Listen to Diary Of A Litty Kid in full below.