Freddie Gibbs’ social media antics have gotten him into hot water before, even getting him banned from Instagram, and this week has been no different.

The Grammy-nominated MC took to Twitter Monday to share a string of videos, some of which didn’t go over too well with his followers.

The first clip—which has since been removed—featured a Holiday Inn Express employee getting continually questioned by a customer. The man eventually begins to punch himself in the head and smashes the computer monitor into his head. Freddie shared the clip, writing, “Somebody make sure this white boy don’t have a gun.”

While fans aren’t entirely sure if Freddie was joking or concered for the man’s well-being, some called the rapper “heartless” for sharing the clip and asked him to delete it, to which he responded, “How bout no.” As one user told Freddie that you never know what people are going through, the MC added, “That’s why I said check on the bitch. D’Fuck.”

Freddie later shared a clip of women fighting—some of whom were half-naked and another who was fully nude—to his Twitter feed. His caption read, “Is this a fight or an orgy.”

Some observers weren’t too thrilled with that post either. But Freddie addressed the day’s backlash in a few later tweets.

“I love pissing fake woke Twitter off y’all never do shit in real life,” he wrote following his day of video sharing. “I posted a group of naked bitches fighting and ain’t none of y’all check on they mental health.”

It all began to wind down when Freddie tweeted “Who’s next,” before sharing the Hip Hop Harry meme of the same name. 

Check out Freddie’s string of responses, as well as a few fan reactions, below.