On Tuesday, an ex-employee of R. Kelly’s testified that the singer once had his girlfriends fight one another to punish them for their perceived misbehaving at his birthday party. 

This incident is alleged to have happened after Kelly caught his partners twerking while he was celebrating the day of his birth at his Chicago studio back in January 2016. 

The witness, Suzette Mayweather, who spent more than a year as an assistant for Kelly, said that the women involved had been twerking “for cake” in what was apparently an attempt to get a piece of said dessert. 

“He had to have them get on each other. I think they were fighting,” Mayweather said, according to The New York Daily News

Mayweather says she did not actually see the fight, but states that she heard a commotion that included laughing, screaming, and thumping going on in the floor above her at the studio. 

“He didn’t like an incident where they were twerking for cake,” she said. 

Mayweather is part of a group of employees who worked for Kelly. Her testimony comes a day after a separate witness says Kelly surprised a visitor by making a naked woman come out from under a boxing ring to provide oral sex after Kelly snapped his fingers. 

The NYDN also reports that Mayweather said Kelly was a terrible boss who would “fine” his employees by docking their pay.