Ebie Wright is looking to further immortalize her father, Eazy-E, by creating a documentary about his life. Although she was able to put together a near-complete work of art, it’s still missing input from one of Eazy’s original creative partners. 

During an exclusive conversation with Too Fab on Wednesday, Wright says that Ice Cube is reluctant to be part of her project. 

“The only thing I will say honestly, is probably the only person that actually matters to this story I’m telling, who hasn’t talked on it so far, I’m just being completely honest … is Ice Cube,” she said. 

Wright went on to explain that she has a close relationship with Ice Cube’s sons. She says she asked them to contact their father to see if he was willing to work with her and he was seemingly on board. But when it came time to schedule an interview, Cube started “ducking and dodging” Wright. 

“[His sons] actually told me that Ice Cube was willing,” she continued. “He was gonna do whatever for me, and he was down. Since then, when we tried to book him to do the interview, he’s been ducking and dodging.”

Wright is confused as to why Cube won’t talk to her about her father, especially since she’s seen him speak about Eazy-E and his NWA day on other platforms. 

Although Cube hasn’t come out to confirm or deny these accusations, there are some reasons why the rapper-turned-mogul would distance himself from the documentary. Mainly, Wright’s A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies documentary rehashes the conspiracy theory that Eazy-E was murdered instead of dying from complications with AIDS. The goal of the documentary is to prove that Eazy-E was in fact murdered while also implicating people in his death. 

Watch the Kickstarter trailer for Ebie Wright’s A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies documentary below.