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Drake’s career is defined by numbers—the number of records he’s broken, the number of plaques he has, and the countless other accolades he’s stacked up during his decade-long run. Fitting neatly into his ethos of numerology are the songs he labels with a specific time and location.

Drake’s timestamp songs are named after the literal time and place he recorded them, and each track marks a distinct moment in his career. “5am in Toronto” is the moment when he fully embraced becoming The Boy, braggadocious bars and all. “6pm in New York” reflects the smooth transition into his victory lap after sending the industry into a frenzy with the surprise mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. His latest entry, “7am on Bridle Path,” is lit by an ominous backdrop of the bridge between him and Kanye West being set ablaze. 

All of the timestamp songs are spicy, and they all come packed with petty messages, ambiguous references, and a lot of bars. With “7am on Bridle Path” continuing the saga, here is my ranking of Drake’s best timestamp songs.