This Sunday is a very big day for the world’s most famous candle tycoon. Drake’s scented candles are finally going on sale to the public. 

Remember last year when he started sending mysterious blue candles to celebrities, and they all shared photos on Instagram? Kehlani got one. Steph Curry got one. The whole damn Toronto Raptors roster got ’em. Well, on May 9, you can get one of your own on the Better World Fragrance House website. That’s one way to spend Mother’s Day.

For $48, you’ll be able to pick from one of four scents: “Sweeter Tings,” “Williamsburg Sleepover,” “Good Thoughts,” or “Muskoka.” And if you’re the kind of person who would spend $85 on a candle, you can up the ante and purchase one that’s designed to “actually smell like Drake.” It’s called “Carby Musk.” Of course it is.

drake postmates candle
Image via Publicist

Anyway, a “Good Thoughts” candle showed up at my doorstep this week in advance of the official launch. The packaging looks cool (it comes with a little gold Sharpie) and the candle smells nice, but what really caught my attention was the note that came in the box. Drake writes about how “each candle is designed for relaxation and personalization” and says his goal is to “better your mood and surroundings.” Then he finishes the note with the line: “I suggest playing the album that inspired this whole project the first time you light one: Midnite – Live In Eugene.”

Wait a minute. These candles come with a soundtrack? And it sounds like Drake came up with this whole candle enterprise while listening to an album called Live In Eugene? Interesting. I immediately typed the album name into Spotify so I could enjoy this expensive ass candle the way Drake intended it to be enjoyed. Nothing came up. Then I tried Apple Music. Nothing. TIDAL. Nothing. Damn.

I’m assuming I’m not the only one who will end up in this situation when these candles make their way into the world and people go hunting for information. So, here’s everything you need to know about the roots reggae album Drake wants you to hear when you’re burning his candles.