Dr. Dre Files Prenup That Nicole Young Has Contested

The couple reportedly agreed that the properties they acquired during their marriage are separate; however, Young did not waive the right to spousal support.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young

We now have more details about Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's messy divorce battle.

According to TMZ, the hip-hop mogul recently filed the prenuptial agreement that his estranged wife claims is no longer valid. The document reportedly states that all properties acquired during the marriage are separate, meaning they'll walk away with whatever they individually received or purchased throughout the last 14 years. However, the prenup also states that Young does not waive the right to spousal support—a detail that suggests she will receive a hefty payout. But will it be the $2 million monthly payments she's seeking? Only time will tell.

TMZ reports Dre has called Young's spousal support request "ridiculous," and has consulted with an accountant who calculates Young's monthly expenses to be around $300,000. His attorney, Laura Wasser, also claims Dre has been covering Young's bills since they split; this reportedly includes paying for her security and the Malibu estate where she's staying. TMZ also reports that whenever Young needs money, Dre will send a messenger to deliver the cash directly. 

There's also a dispute over Young's legal fees. Dre reportedly paid nearly half a million dollars to his wife's attorneys, but she claims she needs $5 million, while her lawyers say they are owed $1.5 million. According to the documents, Dre says he has paid more money to Young's legal team than his own.

Shortly after filing for divorce, Young claimed she and Dre never had a prenuptial agreement. She later clarified that she did sign one, but Dre tore it up, which rendered it null and void. But according to the newly filed prenup, the only way it can be amended or terminated is through writing, and there is currently no evidence of that ever occurring. 

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