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The deluxe album trend. Some hate it, some love it. Lil Uzi Vert has been praised for reigniting the release strategy in the streaming era with LUV vs. the World 2 and Metro Boomin says it’s now “burnt out.”

Either way, it seems like it’s here to stay. During the pandemic, as artists searched for ways to supplement lost income from canceled shows, it became an increasingly popular practice to release deluxe albums shortly after the initial release day. Some of them have just two or three new songs and others act as complete standalone albums with at least a dozen new tracks.

Deluxe albums have existed for decades, of course, but in the streaming era they have taken on new shapes and sizes. It’s a way to boost streams and feed the insatiable hunger of fans. And so far, the reaction has been mixed. For every fan pestering their favorite artist to drop a deluxe, there’s another who is ready to say “keep it.” As the trend continues to evolve, members of the Complex Music staff weighed in with our thoughts on how much music is too much music.