South East London rapper DC’s enjoyed a massive year thanks to a well-aimed string of singles—and now he’s back to capitalise on that with his new tape In The Loop. To celebrate the project’s release, he’s also dropped off visuals for lead single, “Bobby & Rowdy” with like-minded rhymer Knucks.

The literal centrepiece of the album and its only collaborative track, “Bobby & Rowdy” is a tale of brotherhood in spite of everything. For the visuals, handled by Dir. LX, DC and Knucks head down to an abandoned tube station to bounce their rhymes back and forth while they think about everything they’ve been through together.

As for the rest of In The Loop, it’s a predominantly rap-focused affair, folding in elements of garage (“Receipts” and “Tears, Sweat, Blood”) as well as the general low-end rumble of London’s constantly inter-mingling sounds. TSB handles the bulk of the production here, with the remaining beats coming from Earbuds (“Receipts”) and Nastylgia (“God’s House”).

Raw, thoughtful, introspective and mature, the DC of 2021 has grown immeasurably as an artist. Take a listen to In The Loop below and hit play on the “Bobby & Rowdy” visuals at the top.