In an interview on the Full Send Podcast, DaBaby revealed that he charges $200K for a club appearance and made $300K on his Dua Lipa collab.

The topic of club appearances was brought up around the 31:30 point of the episode, and he was asked directly how much he makes for each club show. “Oh man it varies, you know, sometimes I get 200K,” he said, adding that he’s not just turning up to the club and he actually performs “a few” songs, too. “I always overplay it though. … If they’re giving you that type of bag that means it’s love. It means you’ve got that type of draw in that club.”

He said that he used to make $15K from club appearances, which is less than he was pulling from more traditional concerts at the time. The $200K figure is undoubtedly big, but he added that he thinks he’s gotten paid more for one appearance. The hosts of the podcast then asked him if he remembers what the biggest payday he got for a feature was, and it was suggested to him that it must be his appearance on Dua Lipa’s “Levitating.” 

“I got a bag,” he said. “I think it was three-even [$300K]. … I think it was 300 to be fair, I don’t wanna throw no extra grease in the pan. It was at least three, though. It might have been $350K.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, he briefly touched upon the controversy after he made homophobic remarks at Rolling Loud Miami last year. At the 36:00 point he revealed he had a Burger King meal planned, and that he even shot a commercial for it before it was scrapped amid the controversy. “They had my name on the box and everything,” he said. “It was the Jonathan Kirk meal.”

He didn’t delve too much into the finer details of the deal, or the Rolling Loud controversy for that matter, but he said it’s still “all love” between him and the company behind the festival. DaBaby also said he was scared about being “canceled” at the time, which he conceded, “Was probably my problem.”

Finally he appeared to suggest that he was a fan of Donald Trump, but it’s not entirely clear if he was being serious or joking. He was asked if he “fucks with” Trump at the 54:30 point, and responded, “Do I fuck with Trump? Now? Hell yeah.” Asked what he likes about the former president, he said, “Trump is a gangsta. He let Kodak out!” He suggested that he wants to be a “campaign partner” for Trump, although he laughed after making the comment so it’s not clear if he’s down with him for certain. In 2020, he appeared to diss Trump after he got a 2020 campaign text.

Watch the full interview above.