Toronto rapper Da Crook is back with a glitzy new single, “Scoreboard.”

The track comes less than a month after his last release, “Do You Dirty,” which racked up over 50,000 YouTube views in just a few weeks.

“Scoreboard” finds the rapper from the city’s west end flexing his lyrical strengths. He fuses descriptive bars with an energetic delivery and catchy melodies over production from frequent collaborator Rayoh, responsible for previous Crook standouts “Swervin’” and “Dumb and Dumber.”

Directed by Toronto’s Lawraines, visuals take viewers into a kickback with Da Crook and his crew. Crook is counting cash, bossed up, while taking shots at the social media culture that consumes the local rap scene. Though most of the visuals are filmed in a traditional Toronto condo, the visual effects make it a psychedelic affair. 

”There’s a lot of social media stuff going on. The back and forth. I’m not into the social media stuff because my raps speak for themselves,” Da Crook tells Complex. “People that know what’s going on see what’s going on. When people don’t always wish the best for me, and I start to feel pressure, I’ll go in the booth and step it up. I’ll just shut you guys down.” 

Crook says he has a new EP on the way, and he’s ready to take on all comers.

“At the end of the day, I don’t feel like I’ve met anybody that’s gonna come into the booth and blow me out of the water,” he says. “Say there’s a Versus in the city; artists may be doing more numbers or have more exposure, but if they hear my music, they’re going to say it slaps. When it comes to lyrics and delivery, I feel like I’m undefeated, still.”