The magic of Fabo transcends generations. 

The D4L frontman made his TikTok debut when the inventor of the #Junebugchallenge, Juneelite, tapped him to be in his latest video. Instead of solely featuring June’s famous Junebug dance, Fabo decided to hit a series of moves that made him a household name.

Adding to the nostalgic feel, Fabo and June dance to D4L’s hit record “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me.” 

As expected, the reemergence of Fabo brought people to their virtual feet. They flooded the timeline, reacting to Fabo’s dances by resurfacing some of the entertainer’s legendary moments and lyrics. Along with sparking a Fabo Appreciation Day,  the rapper made it clear that he’s passing the torch of good energy and vibes to Juneelite.