Matching her futuristic sound with a futuristic cityscape, Chesca shines in the new video for “Como Tu (Dirty).”

With assistance from Offset and De La Ghetto each grabbing a verse, the Latin pop artist’s song is explosive, and its bright video is no different. “Como Tu (Dirty)”—premiering above on Complex—features the trio performing on a dXR stage using extended reality, allowing them to work in front of bright neon signs and billboards, as Chesca runs through some smooth choreo with her talented backup dancers and rocks a few different flashy fits.

The Puerto Rican artist recently performed the track on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the new video has a way of making the track come to life even more vividly in its simulated universe.

“Hip-hop has always been known for setting trends around the world, and being able to collaborate with Offset and De La Ghetto on a reggaeton record allows me to transcend Latin music to global scales,” Chesca said of the new track. 

Chesca has released a couple other cuts throughout 2021 so far, such as the “Como Tu Me Querias” remix of the track also with De La Ghetto, and a few different versions of “El Cambio,” including a Mariachi iteration and a Spanglish cut. 

Watch the brand new “Como Tu (Dirty)” video up top.