Cardi B Responds to Claims She Makes Music Designed to Go Viral on TikTok

Fresh off the release of her latest hit single, Cardi B responded to claims that she makes music specifically designed to go viral on TikTok.

Cardi B attends Hawks vs Nets After Party at Gold Room

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Cardi B attends Hawks vs Nets After Party at Gold Room

It’s no secret how vital TikTok has become to the music industry, with many of the platform’s viral challenges and dances being contrived by artists and labels before the release of the actual song. Fresh off the release of her latest smash single, Cardi B took to Twitter to let people know that despite the popularity of her songs on TikTok, that’s not her goal as an artist.

“Dont try to play me like I just started this shit cause of tiktok .My last 4 videos I gave choreography & at award shows as well,” Cardi tweeted Monday. “Please me , press ,wap & up was my last videos.EAT IT UP !”

The rapper went on to explain that she didn’t start any of the challenges and dances that accompany her smash singles, while defending her peers as well.

“It wasn’t me who started the wap challenge.I didn’t even knew how to the dance that’s why I never did the challenge in the first place,” she explained. “How ya mad that these female rappers songs becoming tiktok challenges because people genuinely wants to dance to it.”

Cardi then replied to someone who insinuated that she “forced” various challenges on people.

Cardi went on to thank her fans for supporting her, as well as the TikTok influencers who help promote her songs with their challenges. 

Watch the video for Cardi B’s new single “Up” right here

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