Chicago’s Calboy gets a boost from the legendary Lil Wayne on his new single, “Miseducation.”

For this track, Calboy takes listeners down memory lane by detailing the trials and tribulations he had to weather en route to becoming a successful entertainer. This leads him to reference Fugees, Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean, making the title of the track a nod to Hill’s classic debut album.

“Feed your soul like Lauryn Hill and some Wyclef/Pray to The Lord, he give me guidance and the right steps,” Calboy croons. “My shorties wilding, they get live up in the night air/I’m from the darkness, I’m so used to nightmares.”

Calboy’s melodic approach sets the stage for Lil Wayne to drop a verse that’s full of his patented wordplay. Weezy’s verse also puts listeners in the mindstate of someone who is ready to risk all they’ve gained to protect what they know. 

“And if it’s smoke it’s just a fire drill/I been lying still in the jungle, even lions chill/I make a giant kneel, I heard heaven needs some volunteers” Wayne raps. “From the bottom of my heart, my heart so bottomless/Bow, knock you top off son/Ready or not, here I come.”

In the video, Calboy mirrors the song’s themes by creating a story centered around him and his friend. Together, they both make it out of their environment and are on a path to stardom. Yet, this money doesn’t protect them from jealousy and the streets leading to the death of his friend. 

Watch the video for Calboy’s “Miseducation” featuring Lil Wayne above.