After taking to Instagram to happily announce her engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari over the weekend, Britney Spearsaccount has been deleted. 

The sudden removal of her account comes after Spears re-shared an excerpt from an article titled “Infusing Education with Heart.”

“I had to repost this so you can see the whole article!!!!! Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else,” she wrote. “I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system.” 

Spears concluded the since-deleted post by thanking the #FreeBritney movement for their long-standing support over her 13-year conservatorship, which could be coming to an end after her father Jamie filed a petition last week asking that the court consider ending it. 

The matter has taken quite a turn in recent months, especially after the singer’s bombshell testimony in June where she detailed the alleged “abusive” measures being taken by her conservators to control every aspect of her personal life.  

A source tells Page Six that it was Spears’ decision to take her account down. “She’s happy and in a great place,” the insider said, adding, “and silence can be a powerful thing and a powerful message.” Britney has reportedly chosen to remove herself from social media “in light of the successful path that she’s been on and continues to be on [following] the news of [her engagement].”

Meanwhile, a source for Vulture said Spears is “simply taking a break” from Instagram, asserting that her father had nothing to do with the decision.    

Spears herself took to Twitter to say that she’s “just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement.” She also said that she’ll “be back soon.”