In a hilarious video shared to Instagram, Bobby Shmurda has shown just how scared he is of needles.

In the clip, as seen below, Shmurda can be seen breathing what appears to be laughing gas or something similar to keep him calm. It doesn’t work, though, because it takes him a moment to stop moving even as he has to hold someone’s hand. He even starts praying at one point, clearly trying hard not to laugh as the doctor prepared to give him his shot.

“Nah, hold on doc,” he said at one point. “This shit is boosting my high.” In the caption for the video, he added, “Who els be acting like this at Doc [sic].”

Ever since his release from prison over a year ago, Shmurda has been living his best life but recently made it clear that he wanted out of his Epic Records deal, which he signed before he was locked up. Last month, he was able to get his wish, as he announced in a series of posts shared to his Instagram Story.

“Attention!!!! To all Shmurda fans aka the Shmurdas. I just sign my release papers also jus made ah milly today,” he wrote. “I can’t wait to drop s/o my n***a @Trulife ahh ahh ahh my n***a I’m shooting my 1st independence video today called Getting Em Back we celebrating all week in kods pop out nd Monday starlets.” Not long after he shared the post, a source confirmed to Complex that he’s no longer signed to Epic.