bLAck pARty has returned with his first release of 2022, a steamy new Lido-produced single titled “Hotline,” as well as the track’s Dylan McGale-directed video accompaniment.

The new single is the first to come from the Los Angeles-based singer since he dropped off his Birds & Bees two-song pack in 2021. The new track finds the crooner begging his lover to pick up the phone, and the music video finds him in the studio crafting the bouncy new track as he plays phone tag.

“Hotline is one of those rare records that came out of a producer and an artist meeting for the first time,” bLAck pARty said of the new track in a statement. “Lido and I were experimenting and getting to know each other and ended up creating something that we both loved on the first day. I love how “Hotline” turned out and the video by Dylan McGale (who directed my videos Dancing and No Complaints) is one of my favorites. More to come from Lido and myself on the upcoming album!”

bLAck pARty, who is now gearing up to drop a new album this summer, previously shared Endless Summer in 2019. In an interview with Complex, bLAck pARty spoke about crafting his debut and how the album’s more difficult creative periods taught him a lot about himself as an artist.

“I feel like I learned two main important things,” he previously said. “On one hand I learned patience, to actually make a project and then go through the whole entire process that involves so many different steps after just the music. And then, all just the politics of life, period. Being able to withstand all of that and keep the music at its best. And just being patient and letting things take their course.”

He continued, “And then on the other hand, I feel like I learned—it is still a learning process—but I learned how to make an album from top to bottom, from writing to mixing to producing to performing, recording instrumentalists.”

Watch the video for “Hotline” above, and stream the song below.