Hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane, who Complex called the Best Rapper of 1989, has landed some heavy hitters for his upcoming Netflix hip-hop documentary, Paragraphs I Manifest. Centered on the art of rapping, it features interviews with Eminem, KRS-One, and Jay-Z. And as Kane himself revealed in a recent Instagram video, J.Cole will also be featured in the doc.

In the brief video, which also features Cole, Kane calls the Dreamville artist his favorite rapper right now.

“A lot of people out there right now are coming to people such as myself and many others, giving us our flowers and whatnot while we’re still here,” Kane says. “But listen – I wanna give this young brother right here his flowers like on the real.”

As Cole stands next to him, Kane continues, “I want this brother right here to know that he is my favorite MC out here right now. This is the brother right here that makes me feel like hip-hop is still alive and it’s here to stay when I listen to this here brother spit and listen to his music. Love you, fam.”

Cole then responds in kind. “Love, bro. Thank you, man. I appreciate that, bro. Legendary. Thank you. Sh*t.”

As for the doc, Tidal’s Elliott Wilson recently teased the interview with Jay-Z.

While Paragraphs I Manifest doesn’t have a release date quite yet, when it does come out, it’ll be appointment viewing.