The impact of Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” is one of the biggest music success stories of 2017. After an attempted jewelry store robbery, Grizzley was sent to prison and obligated to serve additional time for robberies he was involved with at Michigan State. In “First Day Out,” he discusses all of this in depth, filling out the song with more words than a court document. It was here that many were introduced to Grizzley’s storytelling ability, as he dropped bars like, “Kilroy, ’member when I used to use your L’s/To hit the road, hit the O and make them big boy sales?/Moo, ’member when you had them green things mailed/With vacuum seals tryin’ not to have them green things smelled?” The song became a viral hit after LeBron James recorded himself getting fueled up to it during the NBA offseason. Right there, Tee Grizzley’s price went up. The track not only helped launch his career, it ended up becoming a “First Day Out” rap classic.