Gucci Mane’s 2016 release from prison changed his career forever. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm, landing him behind bars until 2016. Two years later, his flow was significantly polished and he lost so much weight that people theorized he had a clone. Gucci played with that narrative in the music video for “First Day Out Da Feds,” but once you hear him start rapping, it’s clear he didn’t lose any of the sauce that makes him so great. What was different this time around, though, was that Gucci looked and sounded like his head was in a better space. More focused. More motivated. Shirtless in retro Jordan 5’s and an ankle bracelet, he looks rejuvenated. “First Day Out Da Feds” is a master class from the man credited with creating the “First Day Out” tradition in the first place. As a seasoned vet, he renovated his 2009 version as a reminder of how it’s really done. In our minds, this is a tie with the original, but the music video slightly pushes it over the edge. —Kemet High