Christmas season is in full swing, and signs of the impending holidays are all around: The neighbors have adorned their houses with lights, every other car has a tree strapped to the roof, and every commercial touts a special holiday sale. But most of all, the arrival of the holiday season means that every radio station is playing 24/7 Christmas music—with, it seems, the same 10 songs on rotation. After a while, hearing the same so-so tunes over and over at every grocery store and shopping mall can start to feel more like a method of torture than a celebration of the holidays.

Christmas Music Fatigue (CMF) is a very real problem. Rest assured, it’s perfectly normal to grow weary of dated lyrics, incessant jingle bells, and grown adults talking about Santa. But CMF can easily develop into a full-blown aversion to the season's music altogether, which will, as we all know, harden your heart, snuff out your holiday spirit, and turn you into a real Scrooge.

In order to avoid CMF and preserve your holiday cheer, it’s imperative that you carefully curate your holiday playlists so that they don’t just regurgitate tired Christmas clichés, but capture the true essence of the holiday season. Luckily, we compiled some musical gems that will remind you what makes this time of year the best time of year. With fresh interpretations of familiar tunes, modern contributions to the holiday catalogue, and some untouchable classics, you’ll be sure to find something to kick your holiday spirit into gear. So pull on your ugliest sweater , turn on the Hallmark channel, and get cozy, because here are the 20 Best Christmas songs: