Paige Lorenze, who dated Armie Hammer for several months last year, was interviewed by Dr. Oz this week about an alleged skin brand the Cars 3 actor put on her without consent.

In an excerpt of the interview shared by CBS on Friday, Lorenze said the alleged branding occurred during what she described as a “high-protocol” evening and spoke on how consent can be “more complicated” than some make it out to be.

“So, on one of these high-protocol nights, I was tied up and he basically looked over my body and said to me ‘Where should I put my initials on you?’” Lorenze said. “And I didn’t really say anything. And then he just started to carve his initial into me. I was in a weak position. He was in a position of power. He knew how uncomfortable it made me but I just said never no. And I think that kind of being coerced into things and we don’t wanna say no and we don’t wanna be undesirable. And I think consent is much more complicated than we think and I’ve learned that through this.”

In another excerpt, shared by TMZ, Dr. Oz asked if there was any bleeding “from an incision like that.” Lorenze said there was, adding that she feared infection due to Hammer’s alleged actions.

“So, it was bleeding and he was licking it,” she said. “And I was thinking in my head—because, actually, my parents are doctors too—he was licking it and I was like, this is going to get infected. The mouth has so much bacteria in it and he was licking it, drinking kind of, like, the blood. And then, I basically just showered after and tried to clean it up as best as I could but it was definitely tough healing. It wasn’t pretty and it did not heal easily.”

Hammer has been in the middle of a widely publicized controversy following the recent leak of alleged DMs. Some women, according to the alleged DMs, have accused the actor of abusive and violating behavior. Hammer, via his lawyer, previously referred to the allegations making headlines as “bullshit claims.”

Earlier this month, the Hollywood Reporter said the WME agency had parted ways with Hammer

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