Last year, YBN Nahmir indicated that the YBN crew had split, and now Almighty Jay is chiming in by accusing lawyer and manager James McMillan for what went down.

“This n***a James McMillan is a fraud,” he wrote in a post on Instagram upon the arrival of his new album, Battling My Spirit. “He sign n***as to janky deals and fuck em over. Nobody know NOTHING about the shit we go through on the daily basis being signed to this n***a cause we cover for this n***a ass. I’m done with this shit.”As pointed out by XXL, Jay’s former group members Nahmir and Cordae both liked the post, seemingly indicating their approval.

“Trademarking the YBN name behind n***as backs, assigned me a lawyer he used to be engaged to without telling me SMH,” Jay added on his Instagram story. “Took advantage of some kids bro. If y’all really wanna know why YBN broke up...” While he kept his language on the situation relatively vague, his comments appear to line up with what Nahmir, the former leader of the group, said in an interview with No Jumper last month.

“The old n***as in the background, you gotta remember, it’s always somebody that’ll come around and fill your head up and fuck it over,” he said. “That’s what happened. It’ll be old people or somebody else that’l’ tell you you better than them, they don’t give a fuck about you, all that shit. And taht filled up all our heads. Not just me, not just Jay, not Cordae, but other YBN members, too.” He seemed to suggest like Jay that they had been taken advantage of, although he stopped short of pointing fingers.

When Cordae spoke about their disbandment last year, he suggested that the group had “grown apart” and had “different visions.” Despite this, he expressed his love and support for Jay in particular.

Check out Jay’s new project Battling My Spirit above.