Earlier today, East Londoner Alfa Mist announced that come April 23 he’d be releasing his new album, Bring Backs. To mark the occasion, he also dropped off the video for the LP’s latest single, “Organic Rust”, following on from “Run Outs”. The new album, which will be his first for ANTI- and his fourth solo effort overall, is said to have been written and produced entirely by Alfa Mist, collaborating only with a core group of musicians that consists of Jamie Leeming on guitar, Kaya Thomas-Dyke on bass and vocals, and Johnny Woodham on trumpet.

“Organic Rust” threads together a lot of the elements that have defined Alfa Mist’s sound over the years — lo-fi hip-hop, jazz, soul and so on — into a calming but intricate sound that bodes well for the rest of the album. The video from collaborator Johny Pitts, meanwhile, takes us on a late night drive through the rain-soaked streets of a city too out of focus to identify.