Akon has finally addressed that time he gifted French Montana a fake watch.

“I get the watch I put one on, he came and said, ‘I got something for you bro,’” Akon explained during an appearance on Real 92.3’s Cruz Show this week. “He was happy, I was happy. We lit, we lit. Now mind you I’m not really knowing there’s specific brands [of] watches and all that, I wasn’t really a watch guy. I just saw something I liked that looked nice and I got it. French clearly went to his jeweler and got it checked out, and the jeweler was like, ‘Yo, this is fake.’”

French told his side of the story back in 2017, but Akon maintains that he had no idea it was a “fake” watch when he gifted it to the rapper.

“He was like, ‘What do you mean fake?’” Akon continued. “I was like, ‘What do you mean fake? The shit tick, don’t it? The shit work, right?’” He said it was actually a replica of a specific brand, but he had no clue. “Not only was I upset because I paid, like, five grand for each watch… In my mind that was expensive for a watch,” Akon said. “But obviously for a Hublot that was no money, that was a huge discount. … So I’m like, ‘This ungrateful ass n***a.”

French posted the clip of the interview moment on Instagram, and laughed off the entire experience. “Forgive u my brudda,” he wrote alongside laughing emojis. “U still owe me a real watch.”