Diddy Called Out Drake For Stealing the "0 to 100" Beat During a Concert Months Ago

The tension has been building for months.

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Yesterday, the cause of Diddy and Drake's recent fight in Miami was revealed to be over the ownership of the "0 to 100" beat, which was produced by Boi-1da. Today, TMZ has obtained video of Diddy performing at a show months ago where he says, "I gave this s**t to this n***a, and this n***a stole this s**," and he then played the track.

Interestingly enough, Diddy says that he gave Drake the production but that Drake also stole the beat, which definitely leads to even more confusion. Whatever the case, Drake and Diddy got into a physical altercation over the drama which reportedly left Drake with a re-injured shoulder. It's worth noting that last week, the song was nominated for a GRAMMY in the "Best Rap Performance" category, so there is a good chance that lead to the tension.

While both men have been quiet on social media since the fight, Drake did take to Instagram last night to send out a photo of him standing in a robe with the caption, "They're either talking s**t about you or stealing the s**t you're talking.... either way the name been poppin." 

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