Tyga's New Video For "Stimulated" Starring Kylie Jenner Is Disturbing

This is really weird.

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Tyga released his new video for the song "Stimulated" this morning, and it leaves you with more questions than answers. The clip stars Tyga's now-public girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, with the two escaping to a secluded beach house to make out and fondle, while Tyga recites his lyrics: "They say she young, I should've waited, she a big girl dawg, when she stimulated." Yup, that's Tyga bragging that he "stimulates" Jenner, while admitting that he didn't wait to do so. And, as if that weren't already flagrant enough, it turns out that "Stimulated" prominently samples the melody of a Robert Miles song called "Children."

Not only is Tyga trying to justify his obvious ongoing sexual relationship with Jenner, who just turned 18 this month, but he's now parading around the fact that he can make out with her in public and won't go to jail for it. The timing of the video is also odd. Jenner is 18 now, but was this video quickly shot and edited in the past two weeks, or was she was still 17 during this?

They're now both consenting adults and can do whatever they please, but that doesn't change the past, nor hide the fact that this is all disturbing. Do remember, back in February, Tyga adamantly denied that Kylie was his girlfriend. While it was easy to see through that, the fact that he feels deserving enough to make such a quick u-turn from "just friends" to groping Kylie in a video while he raps about the media getting on him for dating an underage girl is insane. Do better, T-Rawww. 

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