Tidal Subscriptions Reportedly Doubled After Kanye West's 'The Life of Pablo' Came Out

Sources say the album was streamed more than 100 million times in two weeks.

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Though Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album is not for sale and thus not on the Billboard charts, it's still reportedly a major success for Tidal. According to TMZ, the album has not only been streamed over 100 million times in less than two weeks, but it reportedly doubled Tidal's subscriber base from 1 million users to 2.5 million. The streaming numbers are also a record for Tidal, though that's not really a surprise since Kanye's album is their biggest exclusive to date. 

Rihanna's ANTI album also debuted on the service, but was eventually put on iTunes and other streaming services a week later. That has yet to happen with Kanye's project, and it's unclear if it will ever be available anywhere else other than Tidal. Of course, he tweeted last week that the album would never be on Apple Music or for sale, but that wasn't something that Def Jam ever confirmed. With the success of the Tidal exclusive, the streaming company is reportedly thinking about rolling out physical copies of Kanye's album, though nothing has been announced as of yet. We've reached out to Tidal for comment on this matter and we'll continue to update the story as details come out. 

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