Even T.I. Thinks Iggy Azalea Should Tweet Less

Will Iggy listen to her Grand Hustle boss?

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T.I. has been quick to defend Iggy Azalea through her countless battles over the past few months, but even the Grand Hustle leader is a bit frustrated with Iggy's social media presence these days. During an impromptu interview with TMZ, TIP said that Iggy needs to do less tweeting and battling with people that slight her, and focus on her music.

As we previously mentioned, he came to Iggy's defense during her feud with Snoop Dogg, and later stood up for her when Q-Tip gave her a hip-hop history lesson on Twitter. Iggy's latest battle is with shoe designer Steve Madden, who she says released some photos of her that were apparently unapproved. T.I. also compared Iggy's situation to that of Tom Brady and "Deflategate," which isn't really correct seeing that Brady spoke on that at length, and well, Iggy isn't exactly the Tom Brady of rap.



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