Game Dissed G-Unit During One of His Recent Shows

Straight out of 2006.

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In what seems like a never ending saga, Game is apparently upset with 50 Cent and G-Unit yet again. During a recent show, Game took the time to change up the lyrics to his classic song, "How We Do," and added in "Fuck G-Unit, they can suck my dick," before continuing on with the performance. Though Game and G-Unit have had a number of issues over the years, it's odd he would say this now, because last month on Power 106 he said it was cool the crew was back together again.

Game is currently working on his new album, Blood Money La Familia, which is due out on September 16, and is actually scheduled to go head-to-head with 50's Street King Immortal album, though there is no word on if that is still the plan with G-Unit just releasing their new EP this week.

[via The Coli]

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