Game just dropped his new mixtape OKE (Operation Kill Everything) earlier this week, but it looks like he chose to keep the best song from the project as a bonus cut for the iTunes release with "Hollywood."

The Compton rapper links up with Houston legend Scarface, where they both describe in thorough detail the pitfalls of getting caught up in the streets. It's an insightful record from beginning to end, and naturally trumps the normal chatter of money, clothes and hoes from their peers.

It's an interesting decision then by Game when he takes a few lines out of his impressive verse to send shots in 50 Cent's direction. "Hub city, thugs with me, buck 50/Reunite with G-Unit? Bitch, fuck 50," he raps.

It's no secret that these two have had a rocky relationship that dates back to Game's time as a member of G-Unit, and over the years they've gone back and forth before quieting down recently. Game brought up the feud a few days ago in an interview with DJ Skee, and even said he'd be down to reunite with G-Unit if the opportunity presented itself. "If it makes sense dollar-wise as far as like securing the future of my family financially, then I'd get back with 50," he says. After listening to "Hollywood," clearly that won't be happening anytime soon.

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