Here's Footage of Suge Knight Cussing Out the Photographer Who Is Now Pressing Charges Against Him

Suge is facing 30 years to life in prison if convicted.

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Last week, Suge Knight and Katt Williams were arrested and charged with robbery following an alleged incident in September when they reportedly took a photographer's camera from her. Today, TMZ has obtained footage of a portion of the incident where Suge can been seen leaving the studio and then eventually cussing out the photographer for taking pictures of his son.

Though Suge and Katt are accused of chasing the woman down, stealing her camera, and causing minor injuries, none of that is seen on this portion of the footage, but Suge does verbally threaten the woman, saying, "Take another picture and I'm going to beat your motherfucking ass."

The consequences of this incident have the potential to be very severe for both Suge and Williams, as Knight is facing 30 years to life if convicted because he is already a convicted felon, while Katt, who doesn't actually appear on this video, is facing a total of seven years. We will continue to update this story as more details emerge.


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