Nipsey Hussle Celebrates at the Fatburger Grand Opening in Crenshaw

Nipsey even has his own signature burger.

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Nipsey Hussle is a man of the people. Aside from creating trends in music, Nipsey also brings a lot back to his hometown. When FatBurger opened their new location in Crenshaw, Nipsey was right there to help with the festivities.

Not only did Nipsey help cut the ribbon for the event, but he also debuted his new burger, which sounds absolutely delicious: medium beef patty, cheddar cheese, fresh onions, bacon, tomatoes, and some peppers on the inside. Want one, right?

Nipsey had this to say about the opening: "Appreciate FatBurger letting me be apart of something so incredible, being able to bring new business to the Crenshaw community is a goal of mine and this is only the beginning."

Check the exclusive photos above from the event.

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