Nipsey Hussle and YG Take Aim at Donald Trump on "FDT"

The West Coast MCs air out their feelings on Mr. Trump.

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Over the past few weeks, Nipsey Hussle and YG have been spotted in the studio together, though it was unclear what they were working on. Well, that mystery has been solved, as the two West Coast MCs just released their new song, "FDT," where they take aim at Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign. On the hook of the track, Nipsey and YG alternate rapping "Fuck Donald Trump," before going back and forth on their verses about why they disapprove of Trump and everything he stands for as a candidate.

There are plenty of notable lines where YG and Nipsey simply destroy Trump on the song, such as when YG spits, "I'm about to turn Black Panther, don't let Donald Trump win, that n***a cancer." This is a powerful statement from both Nipsey and YG, and could be a sign of more to come from the hip-hop community as the election cycle goes on

Stream the song below.

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