Dr. Dre's New Protégé Is a 23-Year Old White Rapper From Texas

Justin has been working in California with Dre, Gwen Stefani, and more.

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Whether it's Snoop Dogg, Eminem, or even Kendrick Lamar, there's no denying that Dr. Dre has possibly one of the best ears for new talent. Earlier today, we came across a story from Dallas-based D Magazine profiling Justin Mohrle as the Dre's next big discovery.

In the extensive profile, Justin talks about making a permanent move from Dallas to Los Angeles to work with Dre on a number of projects, though he can't speak on what exactly they are. Though his work as a rapper and writer is still a mystery (the majority of his prior music has been taken off the Internet) a look at JT's Instagram reveals that he's been in the studio with Dre and the Aftermath team, Gwen Stefani, King Mez, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more.





Dre and JT connected thanks to former Death Row Records artist and Dallas native D.O.C., who initially signed him to a 360 deal with his label before shipping out his original demo to Dre. The interview gives readers an in-depth look at Mohrle's come up from high school to eventually booking shows and taking his craft more seriously.

While it's still unknown what Dre is currently working on—is 2015 finally the year we get the album formerly known as Detox?—it's clear that he has something up his sleeve, and this 23-year old white rapper from Texas seems to be a key part of it.

As we noted above, the majority of JT's music has been cleared from the Internet, but a few songs from when he was younger still remain online, which you can stream below.


Hoo-dat? GHS 2009 Graduate Justin Mohrle and music producer Dr. Dre working on his new album! pic.twitter.com/hTHOmqZ46V

— Garland High School (@GHS_Owls) September 15, 2014







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