The Money Team: Check Out Justin Bieber Training With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The paparazzi better watch out.

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Image via Complex Original
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It's no secret that Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweater Jr. are close, with Bieber walking Floyd to the ring for a number of his fights, and even once helping out Floyd's kids in a time of need. It now looks like Floyd is ready to repay Bieber the favor in the best way he knows how, in the boxing ring.

In the clip, which Bieber posted on his Instagram last night, Bieber and Floyd are in the ring going over some basic techniques while Floyd schools Biebs on the ins and outs on the sweet science. While Bieber is probably just doing this to get into better shape, you can bet that the paparazzi aren't too thrilled about this development, seeing that Bieber was already throwing some pretty mean punches before he started to train with Floyd.


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