Desiigner Learns Not to Invade Justin Bieber's Space at the Club

Justin Bieber shoved Desiigner after they got too close at a club in NYC.

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Justin Bieber and Desiigner were both at 1Oak nightclub in NYC last night and things apparently got a little testy when Bieber shoved the young G.O.O.D. Music rapper in the back. According to TMZ, Desiigner was in the middle of his set at the club when he got a little too excited and invaded the VIP section where Bieber and his crew were hanging out. Desiigner apparently ended up stepping on Bieber's shoes a couple of times, which led Bieber to shove Desiigner in the back while he was performing his hit song, "Panda."


In the footage of the incident above, you can see the shove and then Desiigner's reaction, where he seemed to look back apologetically at the Biebz. According to TMZ, Desiigner had no foul intentions while he was performing and the whole situation looked a lot worse than it actually was. As well all know, Desiigner tends to turn things up to the absolute max when he's performing, and Bieber just must have not been aware of this. And honestly, at least Desiigner didn't puke on Bieber like he's done in the past.

TMZ is also reporting the rumors that Desiigner was kicked out of the club after the incident are false and that he just had to leave the club after his set because he's only 19. We've reached out to both Bieber and Desiigner's reps for comment and will update further when more details come out. 

UPDATED, 9:42 PM ET: Earlier today, Bieber tweeted about the media misconstruing things and his love for social media. It's unclear if he's referring to the incident with Desiigner, but his message is plain and simple: he loves people.

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