A Running Diary Tracking Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" Single Promotion

Will the song live up to the hype?

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If you're one of the over 36 million people who follows Justin Bieber on Instagram, then you know that he has a new single coming out at the end of this month. It's actually literally impossible to not know that Justin's single, "What Do You Mean," is coming out. He has a freaking countdown on his page, and posts a new picture or video from different celebrities every day as the release date nears. You couldn't escape Bieber-mania if you wanted to right now. The list of celebrities helping him promote the single grows by the day, but it's already a who's who of sorts, with appearances from Ryan Seacrest​, ShaqTony HawkAriana GrandeBig SeanLuke Bryan, and a shit ton more. 

Rather than trying to tell you how crazy this promotion is, it's much easier to just take a trip through Justin's social media pages and marvel at what he's pulled off. (Note: We will continue to update this as we get closer to the release of the single, which hopefully won't totally suck after all of this promo.) 

8/27: Oh hey, it's Skrillex! 

Should have picked Stephen Baldwin. 

8/26: It literally can't get any better than this. 

8/25: Can we get Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch back together on the remix?

8/24: Of course, Larry King loves Bieber. 

8/23: So that's where Ben Stiller has been hiding. 

8/22: A lot going on here. 

8/21: Pop royalty

8/20: Who better than Ellen? 

8/19: Where in the hell did Justin find John Leguizamo at?

8/18: It's clear why Usher doesn't do movies anymore. 


8/17: Very punk rock and hardcore, Justin! #SkateLife 

8/16: I don't even know who these people are... 

A double dose of #WhatDoYouMean love because Hilary Duff is the greatest. 

8/15: So creative. #WhatDoYouMean 

Tony Hawk is a skateboarder? 

8/14: Peak Canada, and possibly peak life. 

8/13: Nobody replied to Justin's texts today, and thus.... 

8/12: We all have #BieberFever 

8/11: Cool guitar, bro. 

8/10: The Spice Girls look different. 

8/9: When you lose a bet.... 

8/8: What a lovely shade of green. 

8/7: Well, this is awkward.... 

8/6: Speaking of new music..... Stop holding out, Ariana. 

8/5: Those aren't celebrities. 


8/3: Somebody get Shaq spell check. 

Did Tyga take the picture?

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