It Looks Like Young Thug Is Going to Be On the 'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack

A big look for Thugga.

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Young Thug is already having a huge year in 2016, but it looks like it's about to get even better going forward. According to Thug's sister Dora, the Atlanta rapper will be featured on the upcoming Suicide Squad soundtrack. Nothing has been confirmed from the studio, as the movie doesn't even come out until August, but it would certainly be a major look for Thug as he continues to crossover to the mainstream.

And for real, with a character like The Joker in the film, how could Young Thug not be involved? It just makes perfect sense. As of now, Thug is about to hit the road for his Hy!£UN35 tour after just releasing his Slime Season 3 project last month. He's also expected to drop his Hy!£UN35​ project sometime this year, but it's unclear when. Oh yeah, there's also that remix of Elton John's "Rocket Man" out there. Thug is really going for the crown in 2016. We've reached out to comment on this story from 300 and will update it as more details come out. 

Did you guys know Jeff(@youngthug) did a song on #SuicideSquad soundtrack?!?!

— Doraaah❤️ (@HiDoraah) April 11, 2016

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