Future On OG Maco: "He Needs To Start Rapping Church Bible Verses"

Future's new album, 'DS2,' drops on Friday.

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Update 07/13: Ciara was clearly not a fan of Future's comments during this interview, and went to Twitter to subtweet him about it...but the typo in the tweet is probably going to do more harm than good:

Some Person Is So Dishonest and Ignorant That They Don't Deserve A Response.


Future appeared on HuffPostLive with Marc Lamont Hill today, where he talked about his upcoming album, DS2​, his past relationship with Ciara, and more. Future also addressed fellow Atlanta rapper, OG Maco, who recently said that he's destroyed countless lives with his glorification of the drug culture in hip-hop. This was apparently the first time that Future was made aware of Maco's comments, and said that "He [Maco] needs to start rapping church bible verses." Future also said that this would be the only time that he would talk about this issue in public, and the next time would be when he is face-to-face with Maco to fully address the situation. 

On another note, Future said that he loves the #FutureHive and everything they've become on social media leading up the album. Watch Future's full HuffPostLive interview and pre-order DS2 on iTunes here

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