Last week,  Atlanta's very own OG Maco took to Twitter to talk about how Future's music has destroy lives by making it cool to do drugs, right around the time the Atlanta OG announced his forthcoming projectDirty Sprite 2. 

You can read his full rant here. but on this #MonsterMonday, it looks like Future's rabid fan base—a.k.a. #FutureHive—may have hacked Maco's site. If you head over to, you're in for surprise: Future's smiling face with the question: "Is for sale?" Of course, the answer is "Bitch you guessed it !!!" and a phone number for any potential buyers to call in. We gave them a ring and got the message: "Thanks for calling to purchase Please leave your contact information and your current purchase offer price. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible."  And "March Madness" is playing in the background.

We left a message—but not an offer. Is this retaliation for those comments? Which Future stan will pay the most? We're waiting for a call back.