Ciara Is Reportedly Suing Future for $15 Million for Slandering Her Name in Public

This could get ugly.

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Back in January, Future sent out a series of pretty ruthless tweets about Ciara over the current custody situation of their son, Baby Future, and now it might cost him big time. According to TMZ, Ciara has reportedly filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future for slandering her name in public and making it seem like she's a bad mother. While the lawsuit points to Future's specific tweets, which are still live on his Twitter fed, Ciara is also upset that he trashed her name in a few interviews in recent months.

It's unclear what kind of custody agreement Ciara and Future have at the moment, but the lawsuit reportedly states that she has let him see Baby Future on over 19 visits since 2014. Ciara reportedly not only wants Future's past tweets about her deleted, but she wants the court to block him from saying anything else about their personal life in public going forward. TMZ later posted video of Future being served papers for the lawsuit, though his actual reaction was not captured. Future has yet to comment on the matter, but we'll continue to update this story as it progresses. 

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