50 Cent Disses Ja Rule Again After Canceled Syracuse Show: 'Don't Nobody Want to See That Sh*t'

After Ja Rule announced that his Syracuse show would be canceled, 50 Cent took the misfortune as a chance to ridicule his longtime foe once again.

50 Cent continues to keep his beef with Ja Rule alive. After Ja announced that his Syracuse show would be canceled due to a delayed flight, 50 took the misfortune as a chance to ridicule his longtime foe once again.

Sorry Syracuse for the cancellation my flight was delayed and I couldn’t make it in time for the show... but I will be back to tear it down love y’all Syracuse... ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/d6ajEEu2q4

— Ja Rule (@jarule) September 22, 2018

In his clip, the rapper apologized for not being able to make it and promised to reschedule while sitting in the backseat of a car. "You see I'm leaving the airport now, man," he said.

But 50 reposted the video and had other thoughts on why the show had to be canceled: "only 10 tickets sold don’t nobody want to see that shit, you talking about wait we get a lot a people on the walk up. Get the fuck outta here," read his Instagram caption. Then he ended with his signature message: "get the strap."

But he didn't stop there. 50 "recreated" Ja's video with a few changes. "I'm sorry the show got canceled in Syracuse, I'm leaving the show right now. Ah man, I just missed the plane," he said while walking onto a private plane. "I'm in my Uber and I just want to apologize to all the fans in Syracuse. We gonna reschedule. Thank you."

It didn't take Ja Rule long to respond by leaving a crass Instagram comment. Read it below.

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