Robin Thicke Says "Blurred Lines" Is A Feminist Movement

Thicke says "Blurred Lines" is actually a feminist movement in itself.

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The success of "Blurred Lines" landed Robin Thicke a performance slot this morning on the Today Show. After hopping off stage in the above video, Today hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie spoke to the singer about the songs sexual lyrics.

With critics shaking their head at the summer smash for it's exploitation and "rapey" message, Thicke took the time to set the record straight and Buzzfeed was nice enough to make some images to go along with it: 

Thicke claimed the song has been misconstrued:

When asked if he understood where people were coming from in their criticism of the song: 

He later went on to explain that he just wanted to get people dancing: 

Who knows if that's really what Robin's intentions were, but as the song continues to gain momentum, we can't help but replay Bill Clinton's viral performance.  

[via Buzzfeed]

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