YNW Juvy’s Mother Addresses Viral Clip of YNW Melly Praying and Blowing Kiss in Court

According to Juvy's mother, Melly has made similar gestures at multiple points during the double murder trial.

Video via NBC 6 South Florida

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Video via NBC 6 South Florida

YNW Juvy’s mother has addressed viral footage showing YNW Melly striking a prayer pose and seemingly blowing a kiss in court.

As previously reported, Melly is currently in the middle of a double murder trial in Broward County after being charged in the 2018 killings of Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

Speaking with WTVJ’s Heather Walker on Wednesday, Juvy’s mother—Leondra Phillips—noted that Melly has actually been seen making similar gestures throughout the proceedings.

“He did it a couple times. … That wasn’t his first time,” she told the regional Florida outlet. At one point, Phillips added, she “walked out” when seeing Melly’s behavior in court. She also questioned whether Melly was treating the trial with the seriousness it should demand from all involved.

“What you praying for?” she said. “Because you sitting over there like you don’t got no remorse. Like, every time I walk in, you smiling, you know? This ain’t the time for that. This case is sad. This is serious.”

Phillips’ comment come after Juvy’s father, Christopher Thomas Sr., spoke out about the trial in an interview with Angenette Levy on the Law & Crime Sidebar podcast. In that interview, Thomas spoke candidly about “overwhelming” it felt to see the trial begin after a delay; he also elaborated on an alleged financial dispute he believes played a part in the accused murders.

In 2019, Melly pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder in the case. Coverage of subsequent legal proceedings and jail-focused allegations have made headlines in the years since, including Melly’s mother calling for an investigation into her son’s claims of being abused while behind bars.

A number of trial moments have received social media attention in recent days, including the presence of a notebook with a cover that read "Evil plans and stuff."

Melly's attorney's notepad "Evil Plans and Stuff". pic.twitter.com/v4dNnWjxKt

— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) June 12, 2023

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