YG and DJ Mustard Reveal '400 Summers' Mixtape Is Coming Soon

YG and DJ Mustard are reuniting for '400 Summers,' a mixtape that Mustard promises is coming soon.

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YG and DJ Mustard have officially backed up claims of rekindling their collaborative relationship with the announcement of a new mixtape. DJ Mustard hit social media with the news on Wednesday night, revealing they weren't supposed to "give it away but fuck it." The mixtape, entitled 400 Summers, is apparently coming soon and was later confirmed by YG himself:

400 SUMMERS MIXTAPE COMING ..... Wasn't pose to give it away but fuck it 😊 @YG pic.twitter.com/wOiYbGPm4l

— Mustard (@mustard) August 10, 2016


— yg (@YG) August 11, 2016

DJ Mustard's distinct production flourishes were a prominent fixture on the 2013 tape Just Re'd Up and YG's debut album My Krazy Life in 2014, but a brief falling out resulted in Mustard's absence on this year's excellent Still Brazy. While speaking with Complex about that album's release, YG said their falling out hit its peak right as he started working on new music.

"[Mustard and I] fell out right when we were supposed to start working on the album," YG told Complex at the time. "I had to go and figure out a new recording strategy." But YG never got specific regarding what happened between the two. "We come from a large group of homies, our little movement we had," YG said. "Me and Mustard and Ty [Dolla $ign] were the three successful ones, and there was a lot of people feeling a lot of different type of ways. It was messy, inside shit that was going on that eventually came to light."

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A release date and additional information about 400 Summers has not yet been announced.

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