YBN Nahmir on SoundCloud Rappers: 'All These N***as Junkies'

Nahmir also said he's not a fan of face tattoos.

ybn nahmir

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ybn nahmir

YBN Nahmir, sadly, doesn't rock with face tattoos.

"Because I'm not no SoundCloud rapper, man," Nahmir told Big Boy when asked about his lack of face ink during a recent interview. "I'm not like these other n***as.  I don't gotta prove my point to be nobody. I don't gotta act hard . . .  People be getting face tattoos to act hard. This shit ain't nothing, bruh. I know so many people that got face tattoos that we done really punished they ass, did they ass so dirty in real life, bruh. All this little internet shit, it be making people look so hard. That's why I stopped posting guns and all that on the internet. That shit's not cool, bruh."

Asked if he considered so-called "SoundCloud rappers" to be real artists, Nahmir confirmed that he doesn't. "Just weirdos, lames, all that," he said. "Junkies, but that's all they is is junkies, bruh. Period. All these n***as junkies." For what it's worth, the disparaging tone many use when labeling someone a "SoundCloud rapper" arguably grew trite a long time ago, but I digress. Catch Nahmir's full comments above.

Nahmir has enjoyed one hell of a 2018 thanks to the continued success of "Rubbin Off the Paint" and his most recent single, the Hoodzone-produced "Bounce Out With That."

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The Birmingham, Alabama star is currently on the road for a run of dates that will keep him in tour mode through at least September. Next up, Nahmir hits the Strand Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island.

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